Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
BY SKYLER JONES-BOXWELL As someone who had last read the Harry Potter series when teachers still required reading lists, and who had never so much as glanced at one of the movies, going in to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them was sort of a gamble. Would... Read more
Review: Fall Netflix Bingelist
BY LINDSEY HANNAH Netflix is quickly becoming a viable replacement for traditional cable television. With a host of new shows added monthly, including an increasing selection of original programs, it’s easy to get lost in this broad selection. Without further ado, here are some binge-worthy series from a variety... Read more
BY SAVANNAH KEYSER AND TAMARAH WALLACE Whether it’s the start of a new series or the continuation of one with a new season, Fall TV is packed full of new entertainment for viewers all across the country. Designated Survivor Every year during the State of the Union Address, one member of the Cabinet... Read more
Review: Bento Cafe
    BY NUHA ISLAM Every person that leaves for in state Florida college comes back a changed person. They come home  and rave about Bento Asian Cafe + Sushi with a hunger in their eye unparalleled by any Asian style eatery here in Cooper City. So when I... Read more
Review: Escape The Quest
BY KENDYL COUNTS Finding yourself in a locked, windowless room with cryptic messages scattered about sounds like the setting of a pretty standard nightmare. Though slightly more frightful than delightful, those that love a good thrill may be willing to tackle the chilling challenge presented by Escape the Quest.... Read more
Review: The Force Awakens
Introduction BY: CHRISTINA RIVERO The concept of these stories taking place a long time ago still rattles me a bit considering how far along they are in technology and thought. Nevertheless, it has been quite a while since we last saw the obligatory famous words introducing us to a... Read more
Review: Yawn of Justice?
BY: NOAH CASTAGNA Going into Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, I was expecting a trainwreck. The critics had bashed the film with brutal precision, pinpointing its jarring editing, weak storytelling, and poor character writing as massive issues bogging down a movie brimming with potential. They were not wrong... Read more
Review: Weezer’s Pinkerton
BY: NOAH CASTAGNA When asked of what ever happened to the girl from “Across the Sea,” Weezer frontman and songwriter Rivers Cuomo responded, “Good question. I don’t know the answer.” This succinct, earnest acknowledgement reverberates the raw vulnerability of the masterpiece that is Weezer’s Pinkerton. Met with critical backlash... Read more
Review: Zootopia
By: SKYLER JONES-BOXWELL   Anthropomorphic animals have been a major part of Disney since the first animation of Mickey Mouse, so it is unsurprising Disney’s latest movie would follow that tradition. Zootopia, Disney’s most recent animal based movie, managed to break box office records with an opening night of... Read more
Review: A Movie That Will Give You Goosebumps
BY SKYLER JONES-BOXWELL   If you grew up anywhere between the 90s and early 2000s, chances are you’ve heard of Goosebumps. First released by author R.L. Stine in 1992, Goosebumps is a popular series of children’s novels that followed child characters who found themselves in various scary situations. The... Read more