Review: A fleeting walk around the world
Review: “Game of Tiaras” puts drama department’s passion on full display
BY DANIEL RAKOWER With great shows filled with talented casts and memorable performances under its belt, CCHS’ thespians have managed to put on another fantastic show this year following last year’s “Little Shop of Horrors” with their production of “Game of Tiaras.” The show is a parody of both... Read more
“Thor: Ragnarok” is a godly misstep
BY DANIEL RAKOWER In the Norse myths of old, “Ragnarok” is a story of death and tragedy. It is a war so cataclysmal that it plunges the world into ice and fire, burning and breaking away the old world, and letting the new world be born in its ashes.... Read more
Review: Starbucks Zombie Frappucino
BY JULIA WENGIER Just in time for Halloween, Starbucks released a new frappuccino on October 26 for a limited time only. The “Zombie Frappuccino” is available until Halloween in the United States and Canada, and is meant to be the perfect seasonal drink to raise the spooky spirits of... Read more
Kellywise the dancing clown: SNL makes its highly anticipated return
BY ANNABELLE ROSA This article contains spoilers in regards to SNL and the film “It.” It is recommended that readers watch the mentioned film and show before reading the article. With the return of Saturday Night Live (SNL) came the ever comedic political satire which the show has become... Read more
Review: Blade Runner 2049
Review: Happy Death Day
BY GENNA NORDLING SPOILER ALERT: This article contains some minor and major details of Happy Death Day. Happy Death Day is a horror movie telling the story of a self-centered sorority sister, Tree, who continues to live the same day over and over again due to her being murdered... Read more
Halloween Horror Nights: the longest nightmare I’ve ever had
BY KYLE NELSON Spoiler alert: This article contains numerous mentions of attractions in the park. Another year of fear is now upon us as Universal Studios Orlando has launched their 27th annual Halloween Horror Nights. This year did not disappoint. With nine haunted mazes, five scare zones and two... Read more
Review: Ella Cafe, a Bohemian oasis in suburbia
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Entering the Embassy Lakes Plaza, a passersby would immediately be drawn to the array of stores and outlets that capture the eye; however, wedged amongst the old, there is a single spot which seems to snag the attention of most viewers. Ella Cafe is a bohemian... Read more
A student’s guide to Halloween filmography
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Halloween has come to be a holiday which is categorized by many great films that either instill fear or bring a smile to the faces of children and parents alike. With Halloween soon approaching, it seems time to pull out the never ending treasure trove of... Read more