Thirty plays, 60 minutes: Advanced Acting puts on “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind”
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Finally, there’s a theater production for those with short attention spans. “Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind,” an ensemble experiment by Greg Allen, was brought to CCHS for the nights of March 7 and March 8. Performed by the Advanced Acting class, the show... Read more
“The Umbrella Academy”: A tale of destructive, super siblings destined to save the planet despite their troubled pasts and odd-ball powers
BY ANNABELLE ROSA The conventional superhero is defined by a devanar smile, tights and cape to match, as well as the ability to pursue the path of the good and just. The reality of humanity is that things aren’t necessarily so black and white, therefore, it seems the narrative... Read more
Love and lies: “Dirty John” is coming to Netflix
BY ARIELLE KRAUS “Dirty John,” which originally aired on HBO, was supposed to make its Netflix debut on Valentine’s Day, but has been postponed. However, the eight-episode series is available on Bravo. Netflix’s decision to not release the show on Valentine’s Day is probably for the best, as this... Read more
A beautifully crafted Russian doll: Netflix’s “Russian Doll” does not disappoint
BY JULIA SAFRIN The plotline where the main character of a story dies and continues to relive the previous day or the day of their death has been done many times. The story is overused, to say the least. However, Netflix’s “Russian Doll” takes this overused and unexciting plotline... Read more
This again?: “Happy Death Day 2U”
BY KAREN SUROS “Happy Death Day” resurfaced with a sequel, “Happy Death Day 2U,” on February 13. The mystery-slasher hybrid is rated PG-13 and follows Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) as she navigates her way through a time loop— again. For those who have seen the first movie, it may... Read more
“Hamilton” changes the game: “The Room Where It Happens” has now become a little more accessible to a few more people
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Traveling from Cooper City to Orlando to see “Hamilton,” the Bruno Mars of Broadway, was a small cost to pay in addition to the astronomical ticket price. After hearing the soundtrack for the first time my freshman year, it became a dream of mine to see... Read more
CCHS Thespians break through with their emotional rendition of “Daybreak”
BY KAYLA GATES From the moment the curtains opened, audiences knew they were in for a show. The CCHS Thespians exceeded expectations, delivering an exceptional performance of  “Daybreak,” which told a powerful story viewers are sure to enjoy. Nick Ibanez starred as John Delaney, a convicted murderer who awaits... Read more
“The World’s Best”: A new TV series featuring most of the countries around the globe
BY SOFIA MENDEZ On February 3, after the Super Bowl LII game, “The World’s Best” TV show aired its first episode on CBS, leaving the audience wanting more. Executive producers Mark Burnett and Mike Darnell— who are behind the well-known franchises “American Idol,” “So You Think You Can Dance”... Read more
“Ted Bundy Tapes”: Netflix’s cover on the case
BY ELENA VALDEZ Ted Bundy: former social worker, political campaign activist, law student and— most notably— one of America’s most infamous serial killers. The serial killer who terrorized young women from Washington to Florida has managed to score a Netflix special. The four-part series, “Conversations with a Killer: Ted... Read more
“You” is not as good as the hype, but worth seeing
BY ISABELLA MARCON In late December, Netflix released another original television show, “You,” to add to their seemingly endless collection of original movies and shows. The show has since become a sensation with generally positive reviews online and in print media. The favorable buzz around “You” is justifiable to... Read more