Disney’s Grad Nite Comes To An End
BY SYDNEY ALTMAN Senior year is filled with all kinds of stress, from filling out college applications to maintaining an intense school schedule to balancing extra-curricular activities. But, as the end approaches, the worries seem to melt away as the fun times are about to begin. Starting with Grad... Read more
Review: Shirock – Everything Burns
BY HAILEE YAEGER Pop/rock band Shirock have released their debut album, Everything Burns. Chuck Shirock, who shares lead vocals along with his wife Pap, founded the band. This husband and wife duo recorded 3 albums of demos before meeting the three other members of the band, Kevin Whitsett the... Read more
  BY JEREMY HAAS March 2nd was the night of an extraordinary show.  People of all ages gathered to hear the versatile beauty that is Bright Eyes play a packed concert at the Jackie Gleason theatre in Miami Beach. The performance opened with an interlude off of Bright Eyes’... Read more
Review: Runner Runner
BY EMILY PERL If you’re in search for some new music to download, look no further: Runner Runner’s new self-titled album is the perfect blend of melodies for listeners of any genre. You may have heard their singles “So Obvious” or “Hey Alli” playing on the radio, and these... Read more
Horribly Ever After
BY KAYLA LOKEINSKY Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived two men known as the Brothers Grimm. They were well known throughout the land for their frightening fairy tales. From gruesome love stories to fearful fables, their fairy tales were not as magical as... Read more
Review: Lupe Fiasco Lasers
BY KEVIN KOPLIN Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, better known as Lupe Fiasco, is back with his third album, Lasers.  Continuing his underground style, Lupe brings forth his message of positivity, something not seen very often in the hip-hop industry. Fiasco completed the album after a problem with his record label,... Read more
The Academy Awards 2011:  What You Need To Know
BY ALYSSA FISHER After another year of incredible movies, the most illustrious night in Hollywood has finally arrived. Once again it’s time to press your face up against the television, eager to soak in all the glitz and glamour that ensues on the legendary red carpet. Hundreds of millions... Read more
Review: Radiohead – The King Of Limbs
BY JACK BRADY Radiohead’s eighth album, The King of Limbs is a musical journey that defies comprehension almost as much as it does description, and is as dependent on the listener’s imagination as their hearing. The abstract, Lovecraftian creatures inhabiting the album’s cover are symbolic of the album’s inexplicable... Read more
Movies Get ‘Super’-Sized
BY SYDNEY ALTMAN From the web-slinging Spiderman to the man of steel Superman to the dark knight Batman, superheroes have taken the entertainment industry by storm.  Comic book superheroes have been the inspiration for action figures, Broadway plays, and most prominently – action-packed movies.  This is the hottest trend... Read more
Review:  Gnomeo and Juliet
BY KAYLA LOKEINSKY What do you get when you combine true love, a bitter family rivalry, and garden gnomes? The new Touchstone Pictures’ animated comedy Gnomeo and Juliet. Released on February 11, this movie is a spinoff of William Shakespeare’s tale of star-crossed lovers set in the world of plaster garden gnomes.  With jaunty... Read more