Life Through A Lens Blog: Skyscraper
  BY ALEXANDRA MADAR The Empire State building is the signature building in NYC. A hot spot for tourists from all around the world, this building gives you a view of the city like no other. With a 360 degree view, you can see all the way from the... Read more
Life Through A Lens Blog: Wolf Lake
BY KAYLEE OBERFIELD Even though South Florida has great beaches going for it, you have to admit that the rest of our landscape isn’t exactly attractive. The highest hills here take the form of garbage dumps and after a while, the sight of palm trees gets old. What most of us don’t... Read more
Marlin’s Fans Think New Logo Is A No Go
BY BLUE KAUFMAN After years of playing in a multi-purpose stadium, the Marlins are finally getting their own ballpark.  No one can deny it’s a long over-due improvement for the Marlins, but the ballpark isn’t the biggest change for the Fish this year. The Marlins have changed their name... Read more
Review: Childish Gambino – Camp
BY JEREMY HAAS Childish Gambino is a 28 year old, American rapper better known by his birth name, Donald Glover.  He initially gained popularity through his sketch comedy group, DerrickComedy.  He is more currently recognized for his acting in the NBC show Community. Glover started his rap project in... Read more
You Me At Six Invade America
BY EMILY PERL The doors finally opened at 6 P.M. on November 18, 2011, allowing the restless mob of people to move inside. The crowd made its way down to the pit to be as close to the stage as possible, willing to shove past security and get thrown... Read more
Review: Bjork – Biophilia
BY JACK BRADY After a 4-year studio hiatus, legendary Icelandic music icon Bjork returns with her seventh solo studio album, Biophilia. Combining the raw, organic creativity of Bjork’s music with cutting edge production techniques, the result is a sprawling creation with a range that extends from the cosmic to... Read more
The Best And Worst Cover Songs
BY JEREMY HAAS A cover song should be produced with care and respect for the artists who originally wrote and performed it.  Some of the most popular songs in history have been covers. Talented bands can interpret a song and make it their own while still keeping the original... Read more
Retro Review: Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden
BY DESIREE DEMOLINA When romantic imagination has us returning to the past, we forgo the present for the simplicity and perceived beauty of long-ago. Music is curious in this instance. It purposely endows us with the feeling of timelessness. Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden encompasses this effect. Released in... Read more
Tattooed Barbie In Her Own Words
AS TOLD TO DESIREE DEMOLINA I believe we have fallen into a conflict of interest and common sense. But where do I begin? With my story, or the obvious truth? For fifty-two years I have kept my mouth shut. For fifty-two years, I have been treated like chopped liver,... Read more
From Headphones to Hearing Aids: The Dangers Of Loud Music
  BY BLUE KAUFMAN People would like to believe that hearing loss is something that happens to “other” people, not to them. However, with 173 million I- Pod users listening to loud music, hearing loss is more common then ever before. It’s time to pull out those headphones, look... Read more