Fashion Forward Blog: Celebrities Should Stick To Their Day Jobs
BY EMILY PERL Would you want to own a pair of Snookie slippers? Read a book by Lauren Conrad? How about buy something from Kanye West’s new summer clothing collection? Celebrities are always trying to out-do one another and stay ahead of the game. As if being rich and... Read more
Top Ten Halloween Movies
BY JOSLYN TOMBACK 10. Young Frankenstein What’s it about?– A reluctant scientist, Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, returns to Transylvania when he inherits his infamous grandfather’s castle. He becomes inspired to finish his ancestor’s mad work to create life when he finds the journal “How I Did It” in his private... Read more
Life Through A Lens Blog: Jellyfishing
BY ALEXANDRA MADAR While on vacation in Tennessee, I visited Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. This aquarium was like no other. Displaying marine life both familiar and strange, Ripley’s definitely had some beautiful creatures. Of all the fish and ocean mammals, I was most drawn to the jellyfish. No... Read more
Village Of Horrors Is A Bloody Good Time
BY ALYSSA FISHER There was blood everywhere. Dripping down the walls, stained on the picture frames, even on splattered along the floor. It was a horrifying site, and I couldn’t believe I was there to witness it. On October 13, I somehow willingly entered the gates of The Village... Read more
Fashion Forward Blog: Obsessed With Modcloth
BY MADISON MCNALLY I’m obsessing over right now. It has completely consumed me. I HAVE to have nearly everything on this site. *Note to self: find a part-time job that pays at least $1000 a week. I love this site because they provide stylish clothing we all can... Read more
Harry Potter Fans Want More From Pottermore
BY BLUE KAUFMAN Ever since the release of the final film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Potter fans have been desperately searching for some way to cling onto their favorite wizard hero. To mend the hearts of wounded Potterheads, JK Rowling and Sony Digital Agency announced... Read more
Life Through a Lens Blog: Beauty of Burano
BY KAYLEE OBERFIELD This past summer, while on vacation in Italy, I stopped at one of the most beautiful and colorful places I’ve ever seen. People from all around the world go to the island of Burano, Italy, to witness the beautiful vibrant houses it’s famous for. Contrary to... Read more
Review: CCHS’s Drama Department Puts On West Side Story
BY HAILEE YAEGER Cooper City High School’s Drama Club put on a production of West Side Story on October 4-6, 2011 and to see a high school come together to do such a big name show was impressive. West Side Story, written by Jerome Robbins, is set in the... Read more
Life Through A Lens Blog: Facial Recognition
BY ALEXANDRA LEVINSON With  college deadlines looming, I’ve been scrambling to take the best possible photographs to complete my portfolio. This has prompted me to set up many photo-shoots, one of which was with my friend G as the model. With the backdrop of a park called The Ridge, I was... Read more
Fashion Forward Blog: Homecoming Dresses – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
BY JOSLYN TOMBACK With homecoming looming around the corner, finding the perfect ensemble can become a nearly-impossible mission. While on your dress pursuit, don’t succumb to the heaps of taffeta that greet you at the entrance of the department store. Brief yourself on both the condemned and commended of... Read more