Return of the boy band: Jonas Brothers fans are “Burnin’ Up” over the trio’s reunion
BY EMMA FRANZ In most cases, “S.O.S.” signifies a call for help. But in this case, it’s for all of those who suffer from a severe case of Jonas fever. For years now, the seemingly annual rumor of an official Jonas Brothers reunion has flashed across the media. In... Read more
Poke Ramen Asian Soul Kitchen: A soulful yet delicate ramen that satisfies
BY ISABELLA MARCON Poke Ramen Asian Soul Kitchen opened in the middle of February for its soft opening. A soft opening, for those who are not familiar with the restaurant industry, precedes the “grand opening” to the general public. While the term is fluid, generally, a soft opening is... Read more
What happens when you fall asleep: Billie Eilish’s new album to be released soon
BY ELENA VALDEZ Singer and songwriter Billie Eilish is following up her hit 2017 EP “Don’t smile at me” with a full length, debut studio album in March of this year. After opening up in an Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe about her struggle with depression and all... Read more
What is Goth?: A misrepresented and misunderstood subculture
BY ELENA VALDEZ Black clothing and chains don’t make a person goth; it simply makes them trendy nowadays. The rise of internet trends and hopping on the latest bandwagon has left people labeling themselves as one thing without knowing exactly what that entails. Goth culture has existed for years... Read more
Love and lies: “Dirty John” is coming to Netflix
BY ARIELLE KRAUS “Dirty John,” which originally aired on HBO, was supposed to make its Netflix debut on Valentine’s Day, but has been postponed. However, the eight-episode series is available on Bravo. Netflix’s decision to not release the show on Valentine’s Day is probably for the best, as this... Read more
A beautifully crafted Russian doll: Netflix’s “Russian Doll” does not disappoint
BY JULIA SAFRIN The plotline where the main character of a story dies and continues to relive the previous day or the day of their death has been done many times. The story is overused, to say the least. However, Netflix’s “Russian Doll” takes this overused and unexciting plotline... Read more
This again?: “Happy Death Day 2U”
BY KAREN SUROS “Happy Death Day” resurfaced with a sequel, “Happy Death Day 2U,” on February 13. The mystery-slasher hybrid is rated PG-13 and follows Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) as she navigates her way through a time loop— again. For those who have seen the first movie, it may... Read more
21 Savage’s British citizenship is the least important fact about his arrest
BY JOSEPH STURGEON Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, better known as 21 Savage, was arrested Sunday, February 3 by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), who claims the rapper overstayed his non-immigrant visa and is actually from the United Kingdom. Savage was said to have been driving recklessly, and allegedly was... Read more
“Hamilton” changes the game: “The Room Where It Happens” has now become a little more accessible to a few more people
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Traveling from Cooper City to Orlando to see “Hamilton,” the Bruno Mars of Broadway, was a small cost to pay in addition to the astronomical ticket price. After hearing the soundtrack for the first time my freshman year, it became a dream of mine to see... Read more
“Imagine” this: “Thank U, Next” is possibly Ariana Grande’s most vulnerable album to date
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Listening to Ariana Grande’s newest musical collection has me singing to the significant other that I don’t have but am suddenly itching to fight with. Having been released only six months after her previous album, “Sweetener,” Grande shows a side usually kept hidden from the masses.... Read more