Quiz: What ice cream flavor are you?
BY TAYLOR GOLDMAN Nothing beats a cold serving of ice cream on a sweltering summer day. Take the quiz to find out which ice cream flavor you identify with and consider trying it the next time the ice cream truck drives by.   Photos courtesy of Unsplash Read more
“Incredibles 2”: A blast from the past that charges toward the future
BY ANNABELLE ROSA There are some films that seem to require a more fulfilling ending than one that can be produced in a single hour and a half showing. Certain films beg for closure, explanation or, perhaps, more character and plot development. This was the case with the 2004... Read more
“13 Reasons Why” season two shouldn’t exist
BY GENNA NORDLING The infamous “13 Reasons Why” is back with a second season. The show is based on the book of the same name by Jay Asher. It follows the experiences of main character Clay Jensen after the girl he is in love with, Hannah Baker, commits suicide.... Read more
Quiver renewed for a new season
BY DARIAN SABLON In recent months, questions about the future of the Quiver have spread among the famed news organization’s fan base like wildfire. Rumors such as the chief writer renouncing all worldly possessions and becoming a monk or the Quiver turning into a fast food chain have become... Read more
The Lariat Class of 2018 finale: Revisiting some of the greatest finales of the entertainment industry
As the senior class departs from the hallowed halls of CCHS for the last time in their academic careers next week, a sort of bittersweet nostalgia has set in for some students. For many clubs and school organizations, the end of the year represents a transition in power, a... Read more
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is addictive but imperfect
BY GENNA NORDLING Despite the fact that the final film in the series was released in July of 2011, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has managed to stay relevant for the past seven years. Dedicated fans of the series can express and explore their love for the series... Read more
Quiz: What should your summer anthem be?
BY TAYLOR GOLDMAN Summer is just around the corner. With its arrival comes the making of new memories and experiences. Whether you are driving with the windows down or relaxing poolside with friends, everyone needs one song to be the background music to their summer fun. Take the quiz... Read more
“SOLO”: An underwhelming yet heartwarming tale of friendship
BY JULIA WENGIER “SOLO: A Star Wars Story” provides “Star Wars” fans with background knowledge about the beloved character Han Solo. It delves right into his past and his interactions with other aspects of the “Star Wars” universe from the beginning, giving the audience both new information along with... Read more
Disney’s Dark Age: An era that produced some of the greatest, but less successful, Disney films
BY ANNABELLE ROSA The Disney corporation has come to be a multifaceted mechanism with the ability to capture the attentions of both adults and adolescents alike. Childhood specifically, however, has been characterized for many by the litany of Disney films that they watched. These include the basic Disney classics... Read more
Quiz: Where should you vacation this summer?
BY TAYLOR GOLDMAN Looking forward to school ending but are unsure of where you want to travel this summer? Take the quiz to find the best way you can spend your time this summer and where you can spend it. Photos courtesy of Stocksnap and Cross Walk Read more