“You” is not as good as the hype, but worth seeing
BY ISABELLA MARCON In late December, Netflix released another original television show, “You,” to add to their seemingly endless collection of original movies and shows. The show has since become a sensation with generally positive reviews online and in print media. The favorable buzz around “You” is justifiable to... Read more
“Marvel Universe Live!”: South Florida is in for a Marvel-ous show
BY SOFIA MENDEZ These past few weekdays, the BB&T Center was packed with Marvel fans for the one-and-only “Marvel Universe Live!” action performance. Marvel has brought more than 25 characters to life in an out-of-this-world performance of stunts and special effects. With the villains coming through, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange,... Read more
Netflix series brings new meaning to “Sex Education”
BY KAREN SUROS To a lot of teenagers, the words “sex education” bring back memories of that awkward but brief class their gym teacher was required to give them. Think Coach Carr in “Mean Girls”: “Don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant and die! Don’t have sex in... Read more
Read or watch: Which to choose?
BY VICTORIA MARTIN Theaters are filled to maximum capacity with avid book lovers. A cloud of anxiety and wonder hangs over the heads of the occupants in the theater as they wait in heavy anticipation for the movie to start. Many who fill those seats understand that this movie... Read more
Inescapable entertainment: Though somewhat faulty, “Escape Room” remains incredibly thrilling and entertaining
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE The recent film “Escape Room” leaves no room for boredom, despite having its rough patches. The movie centers around a group of six carefully chosen individuals who have all accepted the challenge of making their way through the most difficult escape room in the world, created... Read more
Blindly thrilling: Bird Box takes the internet by storm
BY JULIA SAFRIN “Whatever you do, do not take your blindfold off,” is a warning Sandra Bullock repeats many times throughout the two-hour duration of Netflix’s most recently released thriller, “Bird Box.” The harrowing thriller follows a mother, Mallorie (Sandra Bullock), and her two young children, Boy (Julian Edwards)... Read more
Maybe God is a woman: Ariana Grande is the fourth woman ever to headline Coachella
BY EMMA HUERTA As each new year brings a variety of new music, many music festivals occur to cater to specific genres and trends popular among the masses. As soon as the lineups are out, fans often scramble to get tickets in order to see their all-time favorite artists... Read more
Entertainment in 2018: Incredible on infinite levels
BY JOSEPH STURGEON 2018 was an eventful year, to say the least. The year’s beginning saw the rise of new rappers JuiceWrld and Grammy-nominated Cardi B, and later saw the demise of others rappers like 6ix9ine and vocalist R. Kelly. Mid-year, rapper Kanye West became President Trump’s biggest supporter,... Read more
A regretful rewind: YouTube Rewind 2018 was a disaster
BY EMMA HUERTA On December 6, 2018, the popular video-publishing platform, YouTube, released its most anticipated video of the year: YouTube Rewind 2018. Full of overly cheesy throwbacks and awkward jokes, the video has received loads of backlash from its esteemed viewers. YouTube has been putting out such “rewind”... Read more
Five tips to efficiently study for midterms
BY GENNA NORDLING Midterm exams hold a lot of importance for students, as they are a determining factor of their first semester grades. Because of the impact that midterm exams can have on your transcript, it is important to properly prepare for them. However, many students do not know... Read more