Rise of the planet of the apes: Mikey’s world
BY ANNABELLE ROSA As of late, there have been countywide reports of a wild monkey running rampant through the streets of Broward County. The monkey, commonly referred to as Mikey by his fellow primate companions, was recently ousted from his home in the colony of monkeys located in the... Read more
Songs for the benefit of Parkland: Unification through the arts
BY JULIA WENGIER “Where words fail, music speaks.” This famous quote, spoken by Hans Christian Andersen, has come as an inspiration to many who use music as a way to express themselves. Music has the power to touch the souls of those who listen. It has the power to... Read more
The Quiver: Daring new novelist introduces female character that is just like other girls
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN “She wasn’t like other girls.” This cliché is one that plagues the world of young adult books. In recent years, teen romance novels have gained infamy for an endlessly recycled and reused character that can make any book aficionado physically cringe. This undoubtedly familiar character can... Read more
The Neighbourhood: Self-titled Album Review
BY ELENA VALDEZ The Neighbourhood has finally released their full-length album, “The Neighbourhood,” on March 9, 2018. Having reached the point in their career in which they have defined themselves, the self-titled album provides a definition of the group itself. As a teaser to their upcoming full-length album, they... Read more
Review: Come out and fall in love with “Love, Simon”
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Everyone deserves a fantastic love story and “Love, Simon” has delivered just that. Like many other romantic comedies, “Love, Simon” was full of light-hearted jokes surrounding a life-altering obstacle the main character, Simon Spier, played by Nick Robinson is attempting to overcome. Unlike most films, the... Read more
The Quiver: The most dairy crime of the century
BY DARIAN SABLON Reports from various news outlets have come in describing what many are labeling as the most daring crime of the century. According to the Quiver’s sources, a gang of dairy enthusiasts, known as the Cheddar Boys, have stolen over 300 pounds of cream cheese, 200 ounces... Read more
And the Oscar goes to…
BY GENNA NORDLING After decades of awarding talented people in the film industry with little gold men, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held the 90th Academy Awards. Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, The Oscars 2018 was a night to make history in film and to speak up... Read more
Thespians take CCHS “Into the Woods”
BY DANIEL RAKOWER Giants! Princesses! Heroes! Bakers! Agony! Wolves! Birds! All of this and more in the Cooper City High School production of “Into The Woods,” showcasing  Thursday, March 1 to Saturday, March 3 and set in the world of classic fairy tales like Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk... Read more
Quiz: Which Olympic sport would you go for the gold in?
BY KENDYL COUNTS After the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, many Floridian viewers are left wondering which winter sport would best suit their personality. Take the quiz to find out which Winter Olympic sport you would go for the gold in. All photos comply with Fair Use standards Read more
Studio executives wonder why their bad adaptations fail
BY NOAH CASTAGNA This week a movie poster surfaced for an upcoming film based on animal crackers. Yes, animal crackers are receiving an onscreen adaptation that promises to be “a magical adventure in every bite.” Obviously this raises many questions. The first and foremost of which being, why? Who... Read more