“Come From Away” to see one of Broadway’s finest
BY ARIELLE KRAUS “Come From Away” is a Broadway show like no other. With a cast of only 12 adults, the show blows the audience away with its music, props and message. The show is set during a tragedy, but shows individuals that there is light even in the... Read more
Common threads: The new season of “South Park” takes aim at familiar themes
BY ISABELLA MARCON Leading up to the season 22 premiere of Comedy Central’s animated show, “South Park,” series creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have actively promoted mildly concerning campaigns for both the cancellation of their show and for the show’s upcoming season premiere. The show’s Twitter account posted... Read more
From Broadway to bookstores: “Dear Evan Hansen” has now become a novel
BY ARIELLE KRAUS The Broadway show “Dear Evan Hansen” has sincerely touched the lives of those who have seen it. On October 8, 2018, the production was made into a novel, enabling more individuals to be impacted by this story. The powerful message of “Dear Evan Hansen” will leave... Read more
“The Hate U Give” gives a lot to think about
BY KAREN SUROS Impactful. The word alone does not do justice to all the emotions “The Hate U Give” creates inside all members of the general audience. While racial divides are a big theme throughout the film, it’s able to unify a variety of people with its strong message.... Read more
Quiz: Which CCHS sports team is the best fit for you?
BY SOFIA MENDEZ As school has begun, many students are very eager to try out to be a member of various sports teams. Take this quiz and find out what CCHS sport you belong to! Photos courtesy of The Lariat Photography and Pexels Read more
Call an exterminator: iOS 12 has too many bugs
BY ARIELLE KRAUS After much anticipation, Apple has released its latest operating system, iOS 12. This update focuses more on the stability of previous features instead of the addition of new ones. As per usual, Apple has failed to create another operating system without a variety of bugs. According to... Read more
Binge-watchers beware, this one will play tricks on the mind: “Maniac” might just drive viewers crazy
BY KAREN SUROS “Maniac” is out of the ordinary in more ways than one. It is a limited series on Netflix, meaning that the number of episodes were predetermined, and there will be no further “seasons”– just the 10 episodes available now. The Netflix original is categorized as a... Read more
Fall frights and pumpkin spice: Where to celebrate the season in sunny South Florida
BY GENNA NORDLING AND ALEXANDRA SANSONE The temperatures are high, but the seasonal spirit is higher. Though South Floridians may never get to experience a true fall, they can purchase items and go to events that recreate the cheer that the season brings. The following list contains six events... Read more
BROCKHAMPTON releases fourth studio album, “iridescence”
BY JOSEPH STURGEON Released September 21, 2018, “iridescence” is BROCKHAMPTON’s first studio album since the removal of Ameer Vann from the group following accusations against the rapper of sexual assault. Lead by vocalist Kevin Abstract, the self-proclaimed “boy band” BROCKHAMPTON released three studio albums in 2017, known as the... Read more
A season of love: “Grey’s Anatomy” premieres its 15th season
BY ARIELLE KRAUS “Grey’s Anatomy” returned to ABC with a two-hour premiere of its 15th season on September 27. The show follows the lives of the diverse doctors who work at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle. Unsurprisingly, season 15 dove right into the dramatic lives of each returning... Read more