Panic! At the Disco “Pray For The Wicked” tour made for a wicked concert
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE In a world of people content with viewing events from their dimly lit screens, attending concerts has seemed almost pointless. But Panic! At the Disco (PATD) has made it very clear that attending their shows will result in a truly wicked time. There are some events... Read more
Preparing for the storm: Five must-haves during the hurricane season
BY EMMA FRANZ When people begin to think of a hurricane, their mind typically goes through a whirlwind of emotions. Starting with small jitters and progressing into complete panic mode, the cause of these emotions is often a lack of preparation. Too many people wait until the last moment... Read more
Controversial comedy: Netflix’s “Insatiable” receives backlash
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH Dresses, drunk homeless people and Drew Barrymore open up the new Netflix original dark comedy “Insatiable.” The show is a satirical take on the life of Patricia “Patty” Bladell, a previously obese 17-year-old girl who loses all of the weight and seeks revenge by becoming a... Read more
Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour in Miami was marvelous
BY GENNA NORDLING Taylor Swift has a reputation, a reputation of putting on an amazing performance, which is exactly what she did at the Miami show of her Reputation Stadium Tour. Swift, along with opening acts Charli XCX and Camila Cabello, performed at the Hard Rock Stadium for a crowd... Read more
Summer music: Relive summer 2018 with the most popular songs
BY JULIA SAFRIN Hit songs are like fresh produce. Songs are written and when they are “ripe” and ready to be delivered to the public, they are released. They get put up on the shelves and bought by consumers. However, they do not stay ripe forever.  They define a... Read more
Potatopia: An experience for all of the senses
BY NUHA ISLAM Baked, mashed or waffle fried potatoes take center stage at Potatopia, a small novelty restaurant located in the heart of the Tower Shops plaza of Davie, Fla. The concept of Potatopia is one like Chipotle, Menchies or Subway- to craft your very own bowl of food.... Read more
“Tag”: An amusing film with has a delightful message, but not quite it
BY KAREN SUROS “Tag” is advertised as an R-rated comedy based on a true story that follows a group of friends that have been playing the same game of tag for 30 years. Every year in the month of May, five men (Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, Jake Johnson, Ed... Read more
“Ant-Man and The Wasp”: A light-hearted story that gives a break to the dreary tones of the Marvel cinematic universe
BY VICTORIA MARTIN “Ant-Man and The Wasp,” Marvel’s newest cinematic creation, has proved to be a lighter movie compared to its predecessor “Avengers: Infinity War.” Set before its predecessor, this movie gives insight to the life for the movie’s protagonist Ant-Man after “Avengers: Civil War.” The film starts off... Read more
Quiz: Which CCHS social studies teacher are you?
BY TAYLOR GOLDMAN Many diverse teachers make up the Cooper City High social studies department. Most commonly found on campus discussing current events or explaining the complexities of the American judicial system, the history, geography and government teachers enrich CCHS with their unique personalities and interests. Take the quiz... Read more
Quiz: Which college is right for you?
BY TAYLOR GOLDMAN For many CCHS students, college is all they can think about. Whether it be building an impressive resumé or considering your major, it might be time to start planning for the future. Take the quiz below to see which college you should attend. Photos courtesy of Pexels,... Read more