The Quiver: Top Summer Jams
BY SOPHIA WENGIER Summer is a special time; nothing feels more satisfying than cruising along a beach road with the windows rolled down, the AC struggling against the relentless heat and the radio blaring. Summer brings out the magic in our jams- it can be easy to lose ourselves... Read more
Beat the Rain with These Summer Blockbusters
BY LINDSEY HANNAH Summer is a time for enjoying glorious South Florida sunshine at the beach or your own backyard. What they don’t show on hotel advertisements, however, are the routine afternoon thunderstorms we get almost every day for a solid three months. Fret not, SoFlo natives; those rainy... Read more
Review: 13 Reasons Why is a Respectful and Honest Portrayal
BY CASSIDY NOWOSAD “13 Reasons Why” is a new teen mystery/drama Netflix series based on the 2007 novel by Jay Asher that stars Dylan Minnette. The show follows a young high schooler named Clay who randomly receive a set of tapes with 13 sides discussing the reasons why a... Read more
Quiz: Which AP Class Are You?
BY LINDSEY HANNAH We all know what our favorite AP classes are… but do you know which AP class you would be? Read more
Lariat Recommendations: Live Action Comedy TV
BY NOAH CASTAGNA AND DARIAN SABLON Comedy is a genre that most flock to in search of comfort television- the serious reality of life slips away as we get absorbed into a world of whimsical brevity. A good comedy show leaves its viewers feeling emotionally satisfied with each concise... Read more
Review: Born in China is Well-Filmed but Misleading
BY CASSIDY NOWOSAD “Born in China” is an American and Chinese nature documentary film directed by Lu Chuan and co-produced by Disneynature and Shanghai Media Group. “Born in China” was released in the United States just in time for Earth Day. The film features several animals each living in... Read more
Review: To Err is “Humanz”
BY NOAH CASTAGNA British virtual band Gorillaz took to the world stage with their 2001 debut album of the same name, and from there the band rode a wave of popularity brought by hit singles like “Clint Eastwood” and “Feel Good Inc.” The band, composed of the fictional characters... Read more
Death Note Live Action Debut
BY LINDSEY HANNAH The much-beloved Japanese manga and anime series “Death Note” is the latest victim of a live-action adaptation, this time at the hands of Netflix. Though it is not set to release until August 25 of this year, the movie’s trailer has sparked upset over claims of... Read more
Ice Cream, Ranked
BY KARINA BLODNIEKS It’s a Friday – the Florida heat is scathing, school just ended and, yeah, homework can wait. What’s better to fill the gaping, stress-induced holes in your life than ice cream after school? Very little. It’s for that reason that I, a self-proclaimed Cooper City ice... Read more
Quiz: Which cafeteria food are you?
Find out which CCHS cafeteria food you’re most like! Read more