Binge-watchers beware, this one will play tricks on the mind: “Maniac” might just drive viewers crazy
BY KAREN SUROS “Maniac” is out of the ordinary in more ways than one. It is a limited series on Netflix, meaning that the number of episodes were predetermined, and there will be no further “seasons”– just the 10 episodes available now. The Netflix original is categorized as a... Read more
Fall frights and pumpkin spice: Where to celebrate the season in sunny South Florida
BY GENNA NORDLING AND ALEXANDRA SANSONE The temperatures are high, but the seasonal spirit is higher. Though South Floridians may never get to experience a true fall, they can purchase items and go to events that recreate the cheer that the season brings. The following list contains six events... Read more
BROCKHAMPTON releases fourth studio album, “iridescence”
BY JOSEPH STURGEON Released September 21, 2018, “iridescence” is BROCKHAMPTON’s first studio album since the removal of Ameer Vann from the group following accusations against the rapper of sexual assault. Lead by vocalist Kevin Abstract, the self-proclaimed “boy band” BROCKHAMPTON released three studio albums in 2017, known as the... Read more
A season of love: “Grey’s Anatomy” premieres its 15th season
BY ARIELLE KRAUS “Grey’s Anatomy” returned to ABC with a two-hour premiere of its 15th season on September 27. The show follows the lives of the diverse doctors who work at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle. Unsurprisingly, season 15 dove right into the dramatic lives of each returning... Read more
From flicker to flame: Former One Direction bandmate takes the stage as a solo artist
BY EMMA FRANZ The lights grew dim and the cheers from the crowd increased in volume as fans stood to welcome Niall Horan to the stage. Even the horrid 90-degree weather could not stop these dedicated concert-goers from attending the Flicker World Tour, which had its last show at... Read more
Shoe-throwing fight: Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj
BY SABRINA WONG No other genre of music has as many feuds as hip-hop. Famous rappers Cardi B (Belcalis Almanzar) and Nicki Minaj (Onika Tanya Maraj) have not been on good terms lately- the stars broke out into a fight on Friday, September 7. The physical altercation occurred as... Read more
2K goes for a slam dunk with “NBA 2K19”
BY RYAN MERARD One of the most highly anticipated sports video game has made its annual comeback. Available for pre-order September 7 and officially released September 11, NBA 2K19 was released on PlayStation, Xbox and PC through gaming company 2K. This year’s copy of the game marks its 20-year... Read more
“Sierra Burgess Is a Loser”: There’s more to movies than meets the eye
BY KAREN SUROS “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser” seems to be the latest and greatest in the teen rom-com movie craze. It follows the story of Sierra Burgess, played by Shannon Purser, a smart yet unpopular high school student who receives a wrong number text that spurs a whirlwind... Read more
Hollywood and drug abuse: The correlation between drugs and popular culture
BY JOSEPH STURGEON In previous months, various headlines have appeared about celebrities falling victim to drug addiction. On July 24, it was revealed that pop singer and former Disney actress Demi Lovato had a nearly-fatal overdose on heroin. In late 2017, rapper Lil Peep died of a fentanyl and... Read more
Travis Scott and Nicki Minaj: A royal rap feud
BY ELENA VALDEZ Travis Scott is coming for the rap crown, or, at least, he made an attempt. After the release of his newest album “Astroworld,” he managed to overthrow the self-proclaimed queen of rap, Nicki Minaj, on the charts. “Astroworld” dropped on August 3 and immediately climbed the... Read more