Halsey’s new album “Manic”: Not what anyone expected
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Musician and artist Ashley Frangipane, better known by her stage name Halsey, cultivated a bold image for herself when she entered the music industry years ago. And given this tough, almost punk persona presented on stage, in interviews and in her previous bodies of work, her... Read more
Shady’s back: Eminem kills it in “Music to be Murdered By”
BY ISABELLA MARCON Eminem released his 11th studio album, “Music to be Murdered By,” on January 17, 2020.  The album was an unexpected, but much-appreciated album from the Rap God himself. The album not only revisits Eminem’s past experiences, but delves into more contemporary topics.  Throughout the album, Eminem... Read more
“This is how I disappear”: My Chemical Romance has not, and reunites for the first time in 6 years
BY JULIA SAFRIN My Chemical Romance (MCR) was right when they sang, “I’m not dead, I only dress that way” in their 2012 song “Boy Division.” To many fans’ delight, MCR isn’t dead and the band members are reuniting after a 6-year split.  On Halloween of this year, MCR... Read more
A CCHS miracle: The Thespians take on “The Miracle Worker”
BY SOFIA MENDEZ For three nights only, theater brought a classic play to life. “The Miracle Worker,” by William Gibson, was brought to CCHS for the nights of November 14, 15 and 16. Performed by Troupe 0784, the show presented a three-hour-long heartfelt story on the stage.  The show... Read more
Where’s the horror?: Halloween Horror Nights is not as scary as it seems
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Halloween Horror Nights is the place to be for those who love the scary side of the spooky season. With detailed sets, talented actors and special effects makeup that is out of this world, there is usually little to complain about aside from the arm and... Read more
“DHL” sent a new package of music: Singer Frank Ocean releases his newest single after a temporary hiatus
BY EMMA HUERTA On Saturday, October 19, R&B singer and rapper extraordinaire Frank Ocean seemed to arise from the ashes, ascending like a phoenix, after releasing a single entitled “DHL.” This newest single came after Ocean began his New York City queer nightclub project “PrEP+” on Thursday, October 17,... Read more
A strong start: The amazing storytelling in “… And Others” shows this year is full of promise for the Thespians
BY GENNA NORDLING For one night only, the CCHS Thespians ruled the stage in their production of “… And Others” by Dennis Bush. The 30-minute show told the story of a girl, Amanda, with dissociative identity disorder recounting the traumatic event that had caused her to begin dissociating from... Read more
Three shows, two days, one final bow: “Beetlejuice,” “Waitress” and “Mean Girls” on Broadway
BY ARIELLE KRAUS A weekend in New York City is not complete without seeing a Broadway show. The music, acting, dancing and hard work that go into each performance always leave the audience ready to see another show. Squeezing three shows into a weekend trip was definitely the right... Read more
A realistic American horror story: Analyzing Lana Del Rey’s new album “Norman F*cking Rockwell”
BY ISABELLA MARCON Lana Del Rey released her sixth album, “Norman F*cking Rockwell,” on August 30, 2019. The album is a bold, hypnotic response to American Idealism, as if Del Rey is picking up where she left off with the song, “Young and Beautiful,” from “The Great Gatsby.”  Known... Read more
“Lover” is loved: Taylor Swift’s seventh studio album takes priority on the charts, and in our hearts
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE How does one explain the talent that is Taylor Swift? It goes without saying that over the years, Swift has amassed a large following of loyal ‘Swifties’ and a seemingly endless list of achievements. The pop icon has succeeded yet again, managing to create another batch... Read more