Review: A fleeting walk around the world
Review: “Game of Tiaras” puts drama department’s passion on full display
BY DANIEL RAKOWER With great shows filled with talented casts and memorable performances under its belt, CCHS’ thespians have managed to put on another fantastic show this year following last year’s “Little Shop of Horrors” with their production of “Game of Tiaras.” The show is a parody of both... Read more
“Thor: Ragnarok” is a godly misstep
BY DANIEL RAKOWER In the Norse myths of old, “Ragnarok” is a story of death and tragedy. It is a war so cataclysmal that it plunges the world into ice and fire, burning and breaking away the old world, and letting the new world be born in its ashes.... Read more
The Quiver: Advanced (Placement) Warfare
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Upon my desk sat a million and one pages all turned upside down or spread haphazardly across the surface of my desk. I yawned while simultaneously throwing my mechanical pencil on my AP Lang book, giving myself away to silent resignation. I turned to blankly stare... Read more
Disney smashes social norms with new show “Andi Mack”
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE This article contains spoilers.  Disney has been a solace for young children everywhere for years, with the company’s comforting characters roaming theme parks eventually progressing to populating the screens in homes. Disney Channel first aired in 1983 with the series “Good Morning, Mickey!” The series was... Read more
Review: Starbucks Zombie Frappucino
BY JULIA WENGIER Just in time for Halloween, Starbucks released a new frappuccino on October 26 for a limited time only. The “Zombie Frappuccino” is available until Halloween in the United States and Canada, and is meant to be the perfect seasonal drink to raise the spooky spirits of... Read more
Unpopular opinions: Thanksgiving is a terrible holiday
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Thanksgiving, while enjoyed by most, certainly has its critics. The reasons why are evident, especially when hearing the horror stories that occur during the household festivities. Thanksgiving is a celebration centered around disorder, with sharp knives, hot ovens and the majority of your family under one... Read more
Local haunts: Horrors and attractions around South Florida
BY NOAH CASTAGNA Whether it’s well-known local horrors, freaky asylum tours or adrenaline-pumping attractions, South Florida is no stranger to the spooky season. With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to look at some of the real horrors that haunt our community to this day. And for those in... Read more
The Quiver: New university policies subject applicants to cruel and unusual treatment
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR With application deadlines impending, colleges and universities across the country have embraced a new wave of admission changes with the intent of making applying to higher education schools even more difficult, resulting in hundreds of protests throughout the nation. “Right now, we feel as though the... Read more
Kellywise the dancing clown: SNL makes its highly anticipated return
BY ANNABELLE ROSA This article contains spoilers in regards to SNL and the film “It.” It is recommended that readers watch the mentioned film and show before reading the article. With the return of Saturday Night Live (SNL) came the ever comedic political satire which the show has become... Read more