Arts and crafts on a new level: DIY mask ideas!
BY CAMILA FERNANDEZ With the sudden surge in demand for face masks, stores are seeing shortages nationwide, if not worldwide. Face masks are critical for running errands during the coronavirus pandemic, especially to protect oneself and others. However, there are multiple easy and fun crafts you can try to... Read more
Top 5 classics that need to be on Netflix
BY ALYSSA KHAN More than ever, boredom is hitting as the time spent in quarantine goes on. Netflix and other streaming services have been dropping new movies and television shows, but there are some classics that also need to be added and people are waiting to see. 1. “The... Read more
#IveGotABubble: CCHS Thespians uses unique promo activities to support their production of “Bubble Boy”
BY EMMA HUERTA CCHS’s very own Thespians Troupe 0784 recently completed their final shows of “Bubble Boy,” a musical based on the namesake film in which a boy born without immunities is forced to live in a plastic bubble. Starting in December and leading up to their performances on... Read more
“Don’t live in regret”: Watching CCHS’ “Bubble Boy” is a must
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE The CCHS theater department has had a rough few years. From having gone through three directors in the past four years, to having to produce complex shows like “The Frogs” to putting on performances with limited access to the auditorium beforehand, it was a miracle that... Read more
From scholarships to service hours: 10 things I wish I knew as a freshman
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE As a high school senior finally finished with the stressful college application process, I find myself wishing that my past self knew what I know today. I wonder if I had the information I do now, would I have acted differently? There is no way for... Read more
Diet kryptonite: Come to the Hard Rock’s Fresh Harvest Buffet hungry
BY ISABELLA MARCON Since the Seminole Hard Rock Casino recently opened its newest temple of gambling and luxury, The Guitar Hotel, it has tourists and locals alike flocking to admire the shifting light patterns and Instagram-ready background.  The exterior of the hotel is only part of the story. There... Read more
Halsey’s new album “Manic”: Not what anyone expected
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Musician and artist Ashley Frangipane, better known by her stage name Halsey, cultivated a bold image for herself when she entered the music industry years ago. And given this tough, almost punk persona presented on stage, in interviews and in her previous bodies of work, her... Read more
Shady’s back: Eminem kills it in “Music to be Murdered By”
BY ISABELLA MARCON Eminem released his 11th studio album, “Music to be Murdered By,” on January 17, 2020.  The album was an unexpected, but much-appreciated album from the Rap God himself. The album not only revisits Eminem’s past experiences, but delves into more contemporary topics.  Throughout the album, Eminem... Read more
“This is how I disappear”: My Chemical Romance has not, and reunites for the first time in 6 years
BY JULIA SAFRIN My Chemical Romance (MCR) was right when they sang, “I’m not dead, I only dress that way” in their 2012 song “Boy Division.” To many fans’ delight, MCR isn’t dead and the band members are reuniting after a 6-year split.  On Halloween of this year, MCR... Read more
A CCHS miracle: The Thespians take on “The Miracle Worker”
BY SOFIA MENDEZ For three nights only, theater brought a classic play to life. “The Miracle Worker,” by William Gibson, was brought to CCHS for the nights of November 14, 15 and 16. Performed by Troupe 0784, the show presented a three-hour-long heartfelt story on the stage.  The show... Read more