Review: Call me by your name
BY CASEY CHAPTER At this year’s Golden Globe Awards, many films were awarded for their cinematography, editing and acting. But one film that was nominated went unrecognized among the crowd. Luca Guadagnino’s “Call Me By Your Name” was as beautiful as it was purposeful. Taking place in 1980s Italy,... Read more
TIME Person of the Year: The Silence Breakers
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE From the fidget spinner apocalypse to the slime epidemic, 2017 has been packed with activity. With the new year fast approaching, it is time for the release of yearly Spotify playlists, Youtube rewind and Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. Since 1927, Time Magazine has published... Read more
The Quilver: Christmas Clauspiracy
BY TAMARAH WALLACE You better watch out. You better cry. You better pout. And I am going to tell you why. The image of a jolly, old man intent on bringing about happiness to the children of the world is a notion that has been perpetuated for years through... Read more
CCHS ducks take the school by storm
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Social media has been a solace and a distraction for many students around the world. After all, scrolling through Instagram to view memes is always more appealing when one is meant to be studying for midterms. Text posts and memes flood nearly every virtual platform, many... Read more
Lady Bird Review: The mystery of how life alone can mean everything and nothing
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Cinema is often renowned for one of two things: entertainment or artistic brilliance. “Lady Bird” is a movie which possesses the ability to have both. Simplicity, in many cases, is what affords such a film brilliance. “Lady Bird” opens with a mother and her daughter, Christine... Read more
Unpopular Opinions: Christmas music is bad
BY JULIA WENGIER With Thanksgiving out of the way and Christmas right around the corner, Christmas music is being played almost everywhere – at the mall, in coffee shops, on TV and even willingly from some people’s headphones. A potentially sweet holiday tradition, the idea of singing Christmas music... Read more
The Lariat’s 2017 holiday playlist
BY KENDYL COUNTS Holiday music is playing practically everywhere – and The Lariat newsroom is no exception. To share our festive spirit, we have compiled a list of a few old classics, new hits and underrated gems that are perfect to play on repeat throughout the month of December.... Read more
Unpopular Opinions: Senior superlatives don’t matter
BY CASEY CHAPTER There are many high school traditions valued by students, and seniors are typically the most likely to participate. But an appreciation for these practices has shifted from an enjoyable way to cherish high school to a competitive race to be remembered in one of the most... Read more
Gamers band against EA’s “Star Wars: Battlefront II” to challenge the “pay-to-win” age
BY NOAH CASTAGNA Over the past week, in the lead up to the release of “Star Wars: Battlefront II,” tensions soared as news of the game’s abusive currency and progression system fed into the worries of fans that the game would be a “pay-to-win” experience: direct upgrades to character... Read more
Review: A fleeting walk around the world
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE The annoyance associated with rising early had long been forgotten as people lined the entrance of Epcot an hour before the park opened eagerly basking in the anticipation of getting to participate in the magical Disney experience. Once the clock struck nine, people began trickling into... Read more