“Lover” is loved: Taylor Swift’s seventh studio album takes priority on the charts, and in our hearts
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE How does one explain the talent that is Taylor Swift? It goes without saying that over the years, Swift has amassed a large following of loyal ‘Swifties’ and a seemingly endless list of achievements. The pop icon has succeeded yet again, managing to create another batch... Read more
An escape or a prison?: The wide scope of video game addictions
BY SANDRA GARCIA Many video game players anxiously await rumors regarding new gaming consoles, including Sony’s PlayStation 5 or Microsoft’s renovated Xbox. For Nintendo fans, the release of the game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” couldn’t come any sooner. Even the arrival of new characters in video games is highly... Read more
“You Will Be Found”: The impact “Dear Evan Hansen” has on CCHS students
BY ARIELLE KRAUS The story of a teenage boy enduring the challenges of high school, anxiety and depression has made its way to the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. “Dear Evan Hansen” takes its audience on a journey through the eyes of an anxious and awkward teenage boy.... Read more
JK Rowling keeps the story going: Unnecessary commentary on her former characters is an attempt to stay relevant and seemingly progressive
BY ELENA VALDEZ It is not uncommon for authors to leave their readers wondering about certain aspects of their characters. In the case of JK Rowling, perhaps it would have been better if these questions were left unanswered. Nearly 20 years after the release of her very first book,... Read more
Thirty plays, 60 minutes: Advanced Acting puts on “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind”
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Finally, there’s a theater production for those with short attention spans. “Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind,” an ensemble experiment by Greg Allen, was brought to CCHS for the nights of March 7 and March 8. Performed by the Advanced Acting class, the show... Read more
“The Umbrella Academy”: A tale of destructive, super siblings destined to save the planet despite their troubled pasts and odd-ball powers
BY ANNABELLE ROSA The conventional superhero is defined by a devanar smile, tights and cape to match, as well as the ability to pursue the path of the good and just. The reality of humanity is that things aren’t necessarily so black and white, therefore, it seems the narrative... Read more
Dynamic imagery of Houston: R&B singer Solange releases her new album “When I Get Home”
BY EMMA HUERTA On March 1, R&B singer Solange Knowles released her fourth studio album entitled “When I Get Home,” complete with 19 tracks over a span of 39 minutes. This comes three years after the artist released the critically acclaimed album “A Seat at the Table,” which won... Read more
Return of the boy band: Jonas Brothers fans are “Burnin’ Up” over the trio’s reunion
BY EMMA FRANZ In most cases, “S.O.S.” signifies a call for help. But in this case, it’s for all of those who suffer from a severe case of Jonas fever. For years now, the seemingly annual rumor of an official Jonas Brothers reunion has flashed across the media. In... Read more
Poke Ramen Asian Soul Kitchen: A soulful yet delicate ramen that satisfies
BY ISABELLA MARCON Poke Ramen Asian Soul Kitchen opened in the middle of February for its soft opening. A soft opening, for those who are not familiar with the restaurant industry, precedes the “grand opening” to the general public. While the term is fluid, generally, a soft opening is... Read more
What happens when you fall asleep: Billie Eilish’s new album to be released soon
BY ELENA VALDEZ Singer and songwriter Billie Eilish is following up her hit 2017 EP “Don’t smile at me” with a full length, debut studio album in March of this year. After opening up in an Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe about her struggle with depression and all... Read more