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Dual opinion: Should IDs on campus be mandatory for safety?
The recent tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has devastated the country and brought the same questions to the mind of every mother, father and student: how safe are our schools? What can we do to make sure this never happens again? School administrators around the country have been... Read more
CCHS participates in the Great Kindness Challenge
BY SOPHIA WENGIER February is the month of love, compassion and kindness at CCHS. In order to spread this love and positivity around the campus and contribute to the anti-bullying campaign, Cooper City High School is encouraging each student to get involved in Kindness Week by participating in the Great... Read more
Celebrities deserve the right to a private life
BY SOPHIA WENGIER Anyone who stands in line at the supermarket, turns on a TV or keeps up with social media can see the obsession that Americans have with celebrities. Tabloids offer gritty details of the personal lives of celebrities that often catch the attention of the public, whether the... Read more
Puppy Bowl rivals NFL Super Bowl this past Sunday
BY SOPHIA WENGIER This past Sunday, Americans excitedly gathered around their TVs, equipped with snacks and surrounded by friends and family. For the last few days, families have been planning large neighborhood parties, while others were resting their vocal chords in preparation for a long night of cheering and screaming.... Read more
Annual women’s march returns globally
BY SOPHIA WENGIER On January 20 and 21, millions of people worldwide took to the streets to advocate for human rights and protest the Trump administration in the second annual Women’s March. One year ago, men and women flooded cities all over the United States to protest President Donald Trump’s... Read more
County-wide initiative to increase computer science in schools takes off
BY SOPHIA WENGIER This week, the students of CCHS pulled out their laptops on a pursuit to dip their toes into the fastest growing industry in the country. December 4 to December 8 was Computer Science Week at CCHS, during which students of every grade level were invited to participate... Read more
Cooper City celebrates the holidays
BY SOPHIA WENGIER On Friday, December 1, residents of Cooper City celebrated the start of the holiday season with lights, food and music at the annual Light Up Cooper City event. Taking place at Memorial Park and the Cooper City Community Center, clubs and families came from all over the... Read more
Clubs should have limits
BY SOPHIA WENGIER It’s Monday. You wake up at your usual time – 6 a.m. – and rush out the door to get to school, where you turn in the piles of homework you completed over the weekend and take all the tests you’ve been freaking out about. When the... Read more
School clubs should support each other
BY SOPHIA WENGIER Being involved in a club in high school can be one of the most defining events of a person’s teenage years. Dedicating time to something that one is passionate about and the feeling of pride and recognition in what is accomplished can arguably be one of the... Read more
Annual Harvest Drive encourages students to give back
BY SOPHIA WENGIER This holiday season, CCHS is getting into the giving spirit by continuing the annual Harvest Drive to help local families in need. Up until November 7, CCHS will be collecting nonperishable items, including food and other necessities, through personalization classes. “Harvest Drive is important because you are... Read more