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Shooting their shot: Graziani brothers play their way into CCHS basketball history
BY KYLE NELSON On a Monday morning in 2007, five-year-old Dallas Graziani and seven-year-old Dylan Graziani are awoken by their father at five a.m. before school. The two brush their teeth, lace up their Air Jordan basketball shoes and rush to the garage for dribbling and shooting drills. After shooting... Read more
Pioneer Middle School joins MSD in “Walk 4 Beigel” event
BY KYLE NELSON Valentine’s Day, more specifically February 14, 2018, is a day that Broward County will never forget. Last week, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School lost a large chunk of their coaching staff and student body – and an ever bigger chunk of its heart. Among the 17 victims... Read more
Spare the change: Pennies should be taken out of circulation
BY CASEY CHAPTER They can be found at the bottom of a purse, on the ground at a grocery store and at the back of a dryer. They are collected by children and saved in piggy banks everywhere; yet, they are seldom used. Pennies are plentiful in today’s world, but... Read more
Girls varsity soccer: Season comes to a close in regional semi-finals against Cypress Bay
BY HANNAH EUBANKS Last week was the end of the line for the Lady Cowboys varsity soccer team, with the intense regional quarter-final and semi-final games closing out the 2017-2018 season. After beating the Taravella Trojans 6-1 on Tuesday, February 6, the Cowboys moved on to regional semi-finals against Cypress... Read more
Valentine’s Day activities in and around Cooper City
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Love is in the air. As February 14 rolls around once again, people are scrambling to make Valentine’s Day plans. The holiday often brings to mind red roses and boxes of chocolate. But handing out love letters and heart-shaped candies is not the only way to celebrate.... Read more
Girls varsity soccer: Lady Cowboys pummel Taravella Trojans
BY HANNAH EUBANKS The Lady Cowboys varsity soccer team had an eventful night at their home field on Tuesday, February 6, playing in the regional semi-final against JP Taravella High School. After beating the Taravella Trojans 6-1, the Cowboys will move on to regional finals against Cypress Bay High School.... Read more
Super Bowl recap: Eagles take the win over the Patriots in an 41-33 victory
BY KYLE NELSON NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles, led by quarterback Nick Foles, battled it out against the AFC champion New England Patriots, led by quarterback Tom Brady, in the NFL’s Super Bowl LII (52) at the U.S Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Sunday, February 4, 2018. Philadelphia (16-3), went... Read more
Max and Mo’s: The new kids on the block
BY KYLE NELSON The few times I stopped into Renaissance Plaza on Pine Island and Griffin, I thought to myself, ‘wouldn’t it be great if there was a restaurant here?’ Now there is. Max and Mo’s opened on November 6 and has been booming with business ever since. Since opening... Read more
Athletic teams’ success should play a role in college decisions
BY KYLE NELSON Out of all the possible marketing strategies a college can use, ten seconds in a sports arena can impact their student enrollment by thousands. In the 2016 Orange Bowl Game, Florida State’s quarterback Deondre Francois launched a 92 yard touchdown pass directly into the hands of receiver... Read more
How to not be “that guy”: A guide to spoiler alerts
BY JULIA WENGIER Darth Vader is Luke’s father. Snape killed Dumbledore. Dr. Crow was dead for all of “The Sixth Sense.” Usually, these statements have no impact on any given person, as they are well-known movie endings. Even though they were shocking and had impact when they were first witnessed... Read more