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How to not be “that guy”: A guide to spoiler alerts
BY JULIA WENGIER Darth Vader is Luke’s father. Snape killed Dumbledore. Dr. Crow was dead for all of “The Sixth Sense.” Usually, these statements have no impact on any given person, as they are well-known movie endings. Even though they were shocking and had impact when they were first witnessed... Read more
Multicultural Club invites presents new Peace Pole with ceremony
BY KYLE NELSON “Hate has no home here.” On November 6, 2017, the courtyard at CCHS was filled with love. While planning the annual peace pole ceremony, Multicultural Club co-presidents Sarah Molina and Ayan Fitzgerald decided to make the ceremony a little more memorable. With the addition of trained doves,... Read more
Stampede fundraiser returns to CCHS
BY KYLE NELSON For once, students at Cooper City High School are encouraged to leave class. On November 9, the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) will be holding the largest fundraiser of the year, the first annual CCHS Stampede. The event will be carnival-esque event that will take place during... Read more
Halloween Horror Nights: the longest nightmare I’ve ever had
BY KYLE NELSON Spoiler alert: This article contains numerous mentions of attractions in the park. Another year of fear is now upon us as Universal Studios Orlando has launched their 27th annual Halloween Horror Nights. This year did not disappoint. With nine haunted mazes, five scare zones and two shows,... Read more
CCHS kicks off new school year with an open house
BY KYLE NELSON With the sound of the bell, footsteps quickly filled the hallways. This time, the footsteps belonged to parents instead of students. On September 26, CCHS hosted its annual open house. The event gave teachers the opportunity to showcase their plans for the year to the parents of... Read more
Obscurity or simple entertainment: what makes a good movie
BY ANNABELLE ROSA A girl walks down a dark alleyway, her male companions close behind; they are all young and fearless, a creature lurking in the dark line just beyond a series of trash bins and other disposable gunk. A member of the audience shields their eyes in anticipation of... Read more
Post hurricane binge list
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Hurricane Irma and its destruction has been one of the most discussed topics on South Florida news stations for weeks, and most Floridians are ready to move on. However, putting Irma in the past may not be the best idea just yet. The state is still recovering... Read more
Clubs attract new members during annual Rush Week
BY KYLE NELSON With students dancing, music thumping and colorful banners covering walls and table, the cafeteria and courtyard of Cooper City High School spent the week of August 28 looking like a movie set. Rather than filming yet another sequel for High School Musical, however, the students were simply... Read more
Hannah Riggott: unsung hero
BY KYLE NELSON AND DARIAN SABLON Explorers – these are the people often talked about in adventure stories, those individuals who exemplify a sense of courage in light of danger, overcome their personal dilemmas for the greater good and are in many ways the type of person we want to... Read more
Meet the Court: 2017 CCHS prom court nominees
BY KYLE NELSON Prom week has arrived, which brings Cooper City High School its yearly dose of school spirit. Along with prom week comes the crowning of a king and queen of prom, a tradition that has been a staple of high school since 1975. Get to know each of your... Read more