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How to save a life: Teachers should have medical training
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Teachers know a great deal. Whether it’s the symbolism in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” or the social responses to World War II, one would be hard-pressed to find a teacher that isn’t well-versed in their particular field. But one area that many teachers find themselves lacking the knowledge... Read more
Saying goodbye to the Class of 2018: CCHS hosts graduation rehearsal and senior breakfast
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN A slideshow played on the auditorium screens as students filled every row of seats, their voices reaching the rafters as they eagerly chattered about their futures. On Friday, May 25, CCHS hosted the Class of 2018’s graduation rehearsal and senior breakfast. “After being in high school for... Read more
This is a masterpiece: Childish Gambino’s commentary shines in “This is America” music video
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Symbolism, startling scenes and stunning visuals are just a few things to look out for in Childish Gambino’s latest music video “This is America,” released May 5. Donald Glover, also known by his musical stage name Childish Gambino, released the music video for his single “This is... Read more
The Lariat receives county awards from Sun Sentinel
BY KENDYL COUNTS As the school year comes to a close, journalism students gathered from across South Florida to attend the Sun Sentinel High School Journalism Awards, held at Archbishop McCarthy High School. By the end of the night, The Lariat staff had received 20 awards for its achievements over... Read more
Please romaine calm: CDC warns against the leafy green
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN It’s been a tough week for Caesar salad fans. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an advisory this month about potentially-contaminated romaine lettuce from the Yuma, Ariz. region. Some of the romaine from the region may be infected with a strain of E. coli.... Read more
Clear backpacks are not the answer
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Identification must be worn at all times. Bags are subject to be checked at any given moment. Police officers are posted at all entrances. All backpacks must be transparent in order to ensure that they do not contain firearms or other weapons. This isn’t prison or a... Read more
CCHS publications take over FSPA States
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN For many CCHS Cowboys, there are certain defining weekends throughout their four years at CCHS. For the thrill-seekers, it’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. For the aspiring entrepreneurs, it’s DECA Nationals. But for journalism and broadcast students, one weekend that stands out from the rest is... Read more
The Quiver: Daring new novelist introduces female character that is just like other girls
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN “She wasn’t like other girls.” This cliché is one that plagues the world of young adult books. In recent years, teen romance novels have gained infamy for an endlessly recycled and reused character that can make any book aficionado physically cringe. This undoubtedly familiar character can be... Read more
What the high school experience really is
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Pep rallies, sports games and school dances. What movies have most children believe is that these are the primary aspects of the high school experience. Though pom-poms and prom certainly make appearances throughout one’s four years at CCHS, the true high school experience is much more complex... Read more
Teachers should voice their opinions – carefully
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN They are the individuals that shape students into the people they will be for the rest of their lives. They foster passions for literature, scientific discovery and the great unknowns of the past. Teachers are undoubtedly some of the most important figures in an adolescent’s life. Since... Read more