Underclassmen Awards Recognizes Over 100 Students Underclassmen Awards Recognizes Over 100 Students
BY TAMARAH WALLACE At the end of each school year, Cooper City High School presents awards to many of its top performing students in... Underclassmen Awards Recognizes Over 100 Students


At the end of each school year, Cooper City High School presents awards to many of its top performing students in a plethora of subjects ranging from mathematics to technical programs to world languages as well as honors those who have achieved recognition outside of the school.

During this year’s event, administrators, along with a representative from Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office, honored over 100 underclassmen for their academic, leadership and service prowess.

The awards, their overall category and honorees are listed below:

Outstanding Community Service

Julian Dunn Santiago with 340 hours for grade 9

Brett Bartel with 625 hours for grade 10

Katlyn Jones with 1,456 hours for grade 11

Class Officers

Class of 2020

President: Grant Golin

Vice President: Kimberly Slinkosky

Recording Secretary: Reese Abrahamoff

Corresponding Secretary: Madison Piper

Treasurer: Lindsey Pardon

Historian: Kimber Counts


Class of 2019

President: Robin Zide

Vice President: Anthony Quiej

Recording Secretary: Sydney Panas

Corresponding Secretary: Abbie Tucker

Treasurer: Alexa Pichardo

Historian: Alexandra Deso


Class of 2018

President: Jessica Less

Vice President: Hannah Riggott

Recording Secretary: Jennifer Burleton

Corresponding Secretary: Molly Baumel

Treasurer: Noah Gannon

Historian: Emily Miranda


SGA Executive Board

Gabriella Carbone

Isabella Tocci

Language Arts and Reading Awards

English I: Hannah Wallace

English I Honors: Taesha Jones

English I Gifted: Abigail Tuschman

English II: Nicholas Morales

English II Honors: Annabelle Rosa

English II Gifted: Aiden Adams

English III: Emily Khan

English III Honors: Alyssa Levy

AP Language and Composition: Kendyl Counts

AP Seminar: Annabelle Rosa and Kendyl Counts

AP Research: Sabrine Brismeur

Debate: Bruce Glasserman

Newspaper: Tamarah Wallace

Yearbook: Morgan Malan

Reading 9: Mya Davis

Reading 10: Avril Matute

ESOL: Vikroiia Osadcha and Dougleinys Flores

Mathematics Awards

Algebra I: Emma Franz and Julia Christian

Algebra I Honors: Yingxin Pan

Algebra II: Thomas Caetano, Cedric Chai, and Zanaii Taylor

Algebra II Honors: Maegan Stofsky, Dominique Perron, Julia Wengier, and Amanda Guzman

Geometry: Yuval Lerman, Avril Matute, Marilyn Yanez- Perez, Abigail Hemmati, Hikmet E. Taskin, Eryn Cameron, and Thomas Tovar

Geometry Honors: Jada Pallagi, Oren Nedjar, Rylee Berger, and Isabelle Aloya

Pre-Calculus: Gabriela Carbone and Mason Tutko

AP Calculus AB: Hannah Riggott

AP Calculus BC: Cole Frishman

Probability and Statistics Honors: Skyler Jones Boxwell, Karla Jimenez, and Gabrielle Sumpkin

AP Statistics: Neehal Hussain

Liberal Arts Math: Alexa Ordayana

Liberal Arts Math II: Hanna Somerfleck, Abba Car, and Joania Hernandez

World Languages Awards

Spanish I: Michael McColgin

Spanish II: John Lystad

Spanish III Honors: Lauren Nassi

Spanish IV Honors: Abigail Tuschman

Spanish V Honors: Solana Capalbo

AP Spanish Language: Santiago Martinez- Romero

AP Spanish Literature: Steven Camacho

French I: Barbara Bernal

French II: Natalia Aguirre

French II Honors: Alexander Alazzawi

World Language District Competition Awards

Impromptu Speaking and Declamation

Spanish II

1st: Frank Insignia

2nd: Azure Gomez

3rd: Thomas Caetano

Spanish III

2nd: Gretchen Overton, Joie Meyer, and Mauricio Madge

Spanish V

3rd: Sara Molina

French I

1st: Kiara Bencosme and Roselena Hernandez

2nd: Barbara Bernal

French II

2nd: Felipe Lopez and Hailee Graul

French III

1st: Alexander Alazzawi

3rd: Daniella Alvarez



Spanish II

1st: Azure Gomez and Frank Insignia

3rd: Thomas Caetano

Spanish III

2nd: Gretchen Overton, Joie Meyer, and Mauricio Madge

Spanish V

2nd: Sara Molina

French I

1st: Barbara Bernal and Roselena Hernandez

2nd: Kiara Bencosme

French II

3rd: Felipe Lopez

4th:  Hailee Grau

French III

1st: Alex Alazzawi

3rd: Daniella Alvarez



French III

2nd: Daniella Alvarez



Spanish V

1st: Priscilla Gonzalez



Spanish III

2nd: Wen Jie Lin

3rd: Justin Gomez

Science Awards

Earth Space Science: Jodran Ducharme

Biology I: Alexis Steinman

Biology I Honors: Lauren Stofsky

Biology II Honors: Stella Carraro

Gifted Biology: Rylee Berger

AP Biology: Brianna Lageyre

Chemistry I: Yi Zhou

Chemistry I Honors: Nathan Berner and Danielle Gilchrist

AP Chemistry: Neehal Hussain and Aiden Adams

Gifted Chemistry: Abigail Tuschman

Marine Science: Emily Kane

Marine Science Honors I: Ariana Uy

AP Environmental Science: Hannah Riggott

Anatomy/ Physiology Honors: Kristen Hormell

AP Physics: Cole Frishman

AP Computer Science Principles: Ashwin Mathi

NJROTC Outstanding Cadet Award

John Lystad

Social Studies

World History: Alexander Worts

World History Honors: Brianna Imbrogno

AP World History: Aiden Adams

American History: Zanaii Taylor

American History Honors: Bailey Kraus

AP United States History: John Lystad

AP Psychology: Brianna Lageyre

Geography: Hana Amireh

Geography Honors: Daniella Florez

AP Human Geography: Dominique Perron

Sociology: Brittany Shectman

Law Studies: Mustafa Darwiche

Physical Education Awards

Weight Training: Jack Black

Team Sports: Zanaii Taylor

Hope: Jessie Stettner

Care and Prevention: Dominique Perron

Basketball: Isaac Ezra Amiga

Volleyball: Gina Lupo

Fine Arts Awards

3D Art: Madison Hollander

Drawing I: Alyssa Levy

Photography I: Kathleen Golding

Advanced Photography: Katelyn Jones

Portfolio Honors: Courtney Turk

AP Studio Art: Sierra Decker

Musical Excellence: Ashwin Mathi

Superior Musicianship: Juseliz Lefebre

Symphonic Band: Mary Grace Adamson and Andrea Garza

Wind Ensemble: Zoe Alfonso

Chorus: Mary Grace Adamson

Color Guard: Roselena Hernandez

Concert Band I: Julia Wengier and Leah Applebaum

Percussion: Marc Olmeda and Ryan Hage

Acting: Rylee Berger

Acting IV Honors: Caleb Polsky

Film I: Genna Nordling and Adrian Taylor

Film II: Brittney Leon and Ashley Melgar

Exceptional Student Education Award

Alexis Steinman


Accounting Applications: Wilfredo Gao

Financial Operations: Aiden Adams

Fashion Applications: Gabriela Horenstein

Fashion Management: Adina Deutsch

Introduction to Information Technology: Zach Eccher, Casey Leone, Taylor Ford, and Chloe Laviolette

Marketing Applications: Ru Zhen Tsai

CTV: Andrew Rothschild

Family and Consumer Science

Early Child Care I: Alexis Tidwell

Early Child Care II and III: Elizabeth Cherry

Early Child Care IV: Alyssa Levy

Technical Programs

Automotive Technology: Matthew Vigness

Drafting I: Cailin Reto

Drafting II: Brennan Reid

Drafting III: Bernice Nie

Beyond Cooper City Awards

Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Award: Gabriela Carbone

Wellesley College Book Award: Hannah Riggott

Girls State Delegate: Tamarah Wallace

Youth Leadership Broward: Molly Baumel and Shaine Kaye

Debbie Wasserman Shultz Citizenship Award for School and Public Service: Katlyn Jones

Carson’s Scholarship: Tamarah Wallace

Featured image by Sabrine Brismeur